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Where we love all things food.

I’m not going to bore you with long wordy posts about all the quirks of my food experiences because that’s not really me, but I hope that every now and then I can show you something delicious that makes you salivate. Hopefully I can make that happen. Plus i’d like to share with you a few delicious recipes and show you some great food i’ve been eating and feeding to others…both at home and out at lots of great food spots.

The wild rabbit is a catering business I started with a friend over a year ago, and after a bit of change of hands its now just me (and sometimes a few little helpers) trying to pursue what I love. My kind of food is simple and delicious and focuses on the yum factor without the fussiness. It’s how I cook at home and it’s how I love to cook for my friends, family…and hopefully now for you too. I’m based in Sydney eastern suburbs surrounded by lots of amazing food destinations and fantastic farmers’ markets that keep me inspired.

I’ll be here regularly to keep you in touch with what the wild rabbit is up to, and if you like what you see and you need some delicious food for the next event your planning then get in touch!

The wild rabbit caters for a wide range of events….birthday parties, engagement parties, hen’s parties, christmas parties, dinner parties, corporate events, weddings, kids’ parties, picnics and high tea to name a few. Want something a bit different? Just ask and the wild rabbit will work with you to create a unique event just for you.

The wild rabbit is on the look out for something delicious to share with you, so please join me if you want to share this yummy journey of where to eat, what you want to eat, and what you could be eating…


the wild rabbit  xxx


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