choc hazelnut meringue

brutti ma buoni (ugly but delicious)

So this is a semplice ma delizioso (simple but delicious) recipe straight out of this month’s delicious mag…the Italian issue. Guest chef Marie Zarro shares a few recipes from her time living and working in Tuscany (tough life).

I always love getting my many food magazine subscriptions in the mail…if only I had time to cook all the tasty looking recipes I have tagged! My collection is getting out of hand and is gradually taking over my apartment. But I think it’s totally worth it when you find little gems that often end up becoming your regular go-to recipes…plus I can’t say no to a good recipe book.

I spotted these ‘ugly but delicious’ looking choc hazelnut meringues and decided to give them a whirl. They are perfect…i think they might be even more perfect with some fresh raspberries and a dollop of cream.

Lucky for my friends that is what tomorrow night’s dessert will entail.

choc hazelnut meringue


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  1. Hannah February 22, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    I’m so excited to try them Luce!

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