some of south america…finally!

I’ve realised this week that it is now well and truly more than a month since my return from South America and I STILL haven’t gotten around to writing and sharing stories and delish photos.

It’s not because I just can’t be bothered. Things have been pretty busy around here, as I’m currently in the process of planning my wedding…! Nick and I got engaged just before we set off on our seven week trip around South America. Now that we’re home and back to the real world we only have a few months to get organised for our February wedding on my family’s beautiful farm in my tiny home town of Walcha…logistically not the easiest place to hold a wedding! Anyway…more about  that later.

So, South America. In short, it was seriously amazing and we had the best time. In seven weeks we covered a lot of ground; Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia & Argentina! To say I ate and drank a lot would be a massive understatement. Some of the food we encountered was amazing, some was just ‘interesting’, but I loved it all. Every country and every region was so unique, and so delicious.

For starters I think I’ll just flood you with some of the wild rabbit food safari pics I took, and then later I’ll get a bit more into the nitty gritty with some of my favourites I’ve picked out to share and recreate.

south america

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