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It seems to be the season of roadtrips at the moment, but that doesn’t have to mean long hauls and greasy food. There’s something about roadtrips that lets us make excuses for eating gross food that we wouldn’t usually eat, and just leaves you feeling like crap 10 minutes after you’ve eaten. It can also be pretty hard to find something good to eat on the road that isn’t deep fried grease, unless you’re lucky enough to be passing through a town that has a great little café.

With my wedding coming up in just over 3 months (arghh! sooo much to do still!) I’m trying to be healthy, so all these road trips I’ve been doing recently is making it pretty tricky, so I decided I had to take matters into my own hands. For me, packing a lunch for the road is a great way to avoid the roadtrip blowout. You can put together an easy packed lunch for everyone and hit the road knowing you can pull over whenever you’re hungry or you spy a pretty spot to take a break and stretch your legs with a tasty lunch.

Last weekend a few of my friends and I were heading to Orange for a friend’s housewarming turned engagement party (ie: many impending champagnes that need to be off-set!), so we loaded the good old Ford Territory Titanium with our bags and swags ready for a fun night, and probably the last long drive I get before I have to say bye to my wheels. So then all we needed was a delish lunch hamper and a fun playlist and we were good to go for a fun, guilt free and tasty ride.

orange road trip

picnic lunch

Obviously anything homemade beats fast food, so you can pack leftovers if you want to clear out your fridge if you’re going for a few days, but here are a few ideas to get you started….

Rice paper rolls are great travellers, and you can fill them with whatever you like. These bad boys I made were filled with wombok cabbage, carrot, capsicum, shredded shallots, roasted crushed peanuts, grilled chilli & soy chicken, mint & coriander.

Wraps are great too…I went for a chargrilled capsicum, eggplant & zucchini with some olive tapenade, goat’s cheese and baby spinach. I wrap them up in sandwich wrap and tie with sting to keep them fresh, then just cut open when you’re ready to eat.

Salads are always a winner, and if you just chuck it together the morning of the drive it’ll keep fine without getting soggy. Try a roast pumpkin, cherry tomato, grilled chicken & rocket salad…and top with a delish blob of basil pesto.

All you need is a few forks, serviettes and a sharp knife to get by, and it’s a nice idea to pack a cool drink to keep you going too. We whipped up this yummy elderflower cordial with lime and blueberries. Enjoy!

pumpkin salad

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