a fun wedding by the water…


We had the pleasure of being involved in the fun and loved up wedding between Kate & Lachy back in October, and it was truly an expression of the happiness in the air…lots of colour, dancing, laughter and of course lots of delicious food!

The wedding was set by the water at the beautiful old BYRA yacht club at church point on the northern beaches, a gorgeous blue weatherboard clubhouse set over the water. It was the perfect backdrop for a a fun and relaxed cocktail wedding, with plenty of space for a packed dance floor. Wild Rabbit had our in-house stylist go-to girl Bon Styling on the job too, making the venue pop with fun and colour everywhere you looked. Alongside our colourful grazing table covered in cheeses & antipasto, the guests enjoyed an evening of canapes, followed by bowl food & sliders…and of course cake!

One of the best parts of my job is being a part of someone’s celebrations and seeing them enjoy themselves and the food we serve them, and it always makes our job pretty easy when everyone is having such a great time!

Beautiful photography  by Elin from Elin Bandmann Photography.

kate_lachy_wedding_elin_bandmann_photography129   kate_lachy_wedding_elin_bandmann_photography131   

kate_lachy_wedding_elin_bandmann_photography130   kate_lachy_wedding_elin_bandmann_photography128



kate_lachy_wedding_elin_bandmann_photography535  kate_lachy_wedding_elin_bandmann_photography132  kate_lachy_wedding_elin_bandmann_photography142

kate_lachy_wedding_elin_bandmann_photography189   kate_lachy_wedding_elin_bandmann_photography249


kate_lachy_wedding_elin_bandmann_photography721   kate_lachy_wedding_elin_bandmann_photography725


Photography by Elin from Elin Bandmann Photography.


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