Sending your wedding dress to a firm that specializes in the service rather than bringing it to your neighbourhood dry cleaner is a far better, more secure, and more efficient option. This is something that a lot of brides don’t realize.

Because most dry cleaners lack the necessary equipment and expertise to safely process the delicate organic fabrics that your lovely gown was crafted from, your neighbourhood dry cleaner will probably also send your dress away for professional cleaning and preservation. This is because of the delicate nature of organic fabrics. 

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In the following paragraphs, we will assist address all of the concerns that you may have concerning the process of preserving wedding dresses, as well as what happens to your gown after it has been tenderly kept and cleaned at the preservation facility. When you are aware of the protocols and precautions that have been taken to safeguard your gown during the entire process, we can assure you that your nerves will be put at ease.

In The End, What Exactly Does The Term “Wedding Dress Preservation” Mean?

Simply put, wedding dress preservation is the process of having a wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved after it has been worn during a ceremony and reception to protect it from becoming yellowed and stained over time. This is done to keep the dress in pristine condition for as long as possible.

The most common justification for having one’s wedding gown preserved is to ensure that future generations can take pleasure in this priceless remembrance to the same extent that the current one has, and even to allow them to wear it again at their weddings should they so choose.

After It’s Been Preserved, Is It Possible For Me To Wear My Wedding Dress Again?

Yes. A bride may decide to have her wedding dress professionally cleaned and conserved for several reasons, the most important of which is to ensure that a future member of her family will have the opportunity to commemorate her by re-wearing the wedding dress she wore on her big day.

Your wedding dress will be laid out and stored in the wedding dress preservation box in such a way that will prevent any permanent pleating or creases in your wedding dress. This will ensure that your wedding dress will be in pristine condition once it is removed from the preservation chest and put back into use.

If you decide to wear your wedding dress again after it has been preserved, getting it re-cleaned and re-preserved by a professional is as simple as sending it back to the company where it was processed. It will be returned to you looking as good as new with an additional 100-year guarantee.

Is It Possible To Trust Preserving My Wedding Dress Online?

What was formerly known as “mail-in wedding dress preservation” is now more commonly referred to by its more modern name, “online wedding dress preservation.” The truth is that “mail-in” or “online” wedding dress preservation has been the way that wedding gowns have been properly cleaned and conserved for the past half a century.

This method was first introduced in the 1960s. The delicate fabrics that your wedding dress was meticulously fashioned from cannot be adequately cared for by your typical laundromat or by the bridal boutique down the corner because none of these establishments has the equipment, knowledge, or formulations necessary.

Instead of assuming this risk and obligation themselves, these businesses will ship your dress off to a specialized business that is dedicated to the sole purpose of cleaning and preserving wedding dresses.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Having My Wedding Dress Preserved?

Consider the events that take place on the day of your wedding. There are opportunities to snap photographs, frequently in interesting settings such as a wide-open field or a stunning natural environment. There is a significant amount of walking involved, much of it takes place on soiled surfaces like dance floors, reception halls, and streets. There are family members to hug, tasty food and drinks to enjoy, and… well, you get the idea.

Your dress will be subjected to the rigours of an average wedding day throughout the day, and regardless of how careful you are throughout your amazing day, you will most likely acquire dirt around the hemline, sweat stains under the arms, and food and beverage stains regardless of how well you take care of your dress. 

The flaws, both small and large, that appear on your wedding dress as a result of the activities that take place on your wedding day can be fully removed if you have your dress professionally cleaned and preserved. The yellowing that comes with aging is yet another significant argument in favour of having your gown preserved.

If the natural and fragile materials that make up your wedding dress are not protected in some way, there is a good chance that they will turn yellow and brown over time. This yellowing may be eliminated by having a professional treat your wedding dress, which will also assist your dress to continue to appear as stunning as the day you first fell in love with it at the bridal boutique.

Do I Have Any Choices When It Comes To The Preservation Of My Dress?

To begin, you have the option of selecting up to five items from your wedding day to keep with your dress after it has been preserved. Some brides keep their wedding shoes preserved, while others save their wedding shoes, their veil, and even their purses in their albums.

In addition to preserving additional objects, you also have the option of personalizing your kit by including either your name or a photo of yourself, or both. What better way to show future generations your lovely wedding gown than with a photo of you wearing it on your wedding day?

How Much Time Is Necessary To Keep My Wedding Dress Preserved?

Depending on the time of year, the process of preservation can take anywhere from six to eight weeks to complete. The months of July through October are traditionally our busiest, although, depending on volume, this period may extend by a few more weeks.

Because every dress that is preserved receives the utmost care from the time it arrives and is checked in at the preservation facility through the time it is lovingly placed in the preservation chest and shipped back to you, the process takes anywhere from six to eight weeks. This is the reason for the delay.

What exactly are you looking forward to? Give your dress a wedding dress preservation right now! Did you know that your gown will start to yellow the moment you bring it home from the bridal boutique where you bought it? You probably already knew this, but did you know that if you let stains sit on the delicate fibres of your wedding dress for too long, they will become more ingrained?

By sending in your garment as soon as possible, you may ensure that you will be able to pass down a treasured heirloom to future generations of your family to appreciate and admire.

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