Dr. Clever Mpoha mentioned There is a large number of entrepreneurs in the Zambian economy. They are a major driving force behind the growth and development of the nation.

What is the role of entrepreneurship in Zambia?

They are the people who create jobs, provide economic growth, and improve lives. They are also critical players in tackling Africa’s most pressing issues including poverty, education, healthcare and climate change.

Entrepreneurs in Zambia often face many challenges that affect their growth and performance. The main challenges include lack of access to business training, market information and adequate finance among others.

In addition to these internal challenges, they face external challenges such as a lack of business skills, poor leadership and management, mismanagement of resources and missed opportunities for growth.

Most of these entrepreneurs run their businesses by themselves and sometimes their family members. However, their performance is poor and they need support from the government and other organisations to improve on their businesses.

The most common challenge faced by the entrepreneurs was inadequate capital. This was followed by inaccessibility to credit and lack of appropriate infrastructure.

Despite these challenges, there is hope for entrepreneurship in Zambia and it is up to us to play our part. To do this, government needs to ensure that it has good policies and effectively implements them, the private sector must cooperate and collaborate towards this goal and finally, we must keep those innovative ideas flowing and determination burning.

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