A custom windshield banner can turn your vehicle into a billboard for your business. It is a great way to promote your brand or service and get people walking by to stop in, look around, and take action.

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You can also use it to communicate your sales or budget-friendly promotions. If you’re running a blowout sale with multiple cars at a lower price point, this is an excellent way to quickly let people know while driving past your lot. It also works well for communicating any caveats, such as a ‘while supplies last’ statement.

Choose a pattern for your window decal that ties into the overall aesthetic of your business. For example, a marble or geometric pattern might work well for a fashion store, while an abstract floral or other natural design would be suitable for a garden center. It’s also a good idea to carry this pattern over onto a door decal so that your business’s look is consistent throughout.

If you want your window decals to catch the attention of passersby, consider incorporating some form of landscape into the design. A forest, mountain range, or meadow might be a perfect option for a nature-based business, while a city skyline could be a good choice for a paper or printing company that is based in a specific city.

You can customize your decals by choosing a background color that best matches the design you’re going for. For example, a solid-color decal will be digitally printed with no actual background, while a multi-color design will be printed on white vinyl with a thin white edge around the outside of the design. You can also select a border for your decals, which will add a bit of thickness and a pop of color to them.

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