IGCSE English group tuition is available for students from primary to secondary, and covers the full range of GCSE exam requirements. Students need to commit fully to lessons, embrace additional reading and homework tasks, and work hard to achieve the best possible results. Kim is an outstanding practitioner who focuses on developing her students’ knowledge of the exam content, but also helps them to develop a mature understanding of how writers use language to create certain effects, something which is particularly important for poetry analysis (N.B. this is a change from the old spec).

How much is the tuition rate for Igcse?

First Language IGCSE English group tuition is designed for learners who have a working knowledge of English and wish to consolidate that knowledge in order to progress in their education or career. The course fosters more in-depth analytical skills, which can prepare students for Cambridge International AS and A Level English Literature.

The biggest problem with GCSE English Language is that exam centres are reluctant to take on private candidates for the speaking component which makes it very difficult for students to get a good overall grade. There are a few centres who will do this but they tend to be very small.

– Specification A and Specification B. Both are equally doable and it is a matter of preference as to which one your child wishes to take. Both have a similar style of examination but the big difference is that Specification A offers coursework and Specification B doesn’t.

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