zues arc

The arc is an zues arc little workhorse putting larger more expensive units to shame. The design is subtle yet classy with a beveled rectangular shape that fits nicely in the palm of your hand and slips into any pocket. The whole device is made of anodized aluminum and feels great in the hand. There are three LEDs on the front, a power button with haptic feedback and a battery rated for 3500 mAh.

One of the most interesting features is what Zeus calls a “Temperature Cycle”. Instead of a simple on and off switch you can press and hold the power button to cycle between 3 different temperature presets. This allows you to use the Arc in multiple sessions throughout the day. You can start with cycle one in the morning, move onto cycle two in the afternoon and finish your evening session with a draw from cycle 3.

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Removing the mouthpiece exposes the chamber that holds the ArcPods. These little containers make loading your herbs far more convenient than having to load them individually into the chamber. The lip that surrounds the chamber doubles as a scoop making it easy to load up your herb without touching the inside of the chamber.

The Arc is also equipped with a built-in tool that can be used to stir your herbs during your session. This makes for a more even cook and helps extract vapor more efficiently. The Arc also has a raised lip around the mouthpiece that serves as a safety precaution. If you don’t pull from the Arc for 30 seconds it will automatically begin a cool down mode to preserve your cannabis and battery life.

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